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How do I start a return?Updated a year ago

To initiate your return, visit our return portal at
Enter your order number and zip code so that your order can be found by the system. Orders can only be returned within 30 days of the order being placed. If the order is outside this time window the system will not allow a return.

Once your return has been created, You have the option to return the item to a Happy Return's partner location which will be show to you based on your zip code. There is no need to package or print out a label, simply show the provided QR code to the clerk and they will process it for you. This return option is not available to Canada orders.

If you wish you do also have the option to print out a pre-paid shipping label to return the item via that standard method.

Canada Order Returns: Orders will be charged a CAD $14.95 fee for returns.

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